Tourism Mentor Greece

Why Tourism Mentor?

Tourism Mentor is a newly established private company bringing together the best specialists in the tourism industry to deliver high-end services within the spectrum of the versatile accommodation market. Operating on Mykonos island, TM is equipped to provide advisory and management solutions for hotels or independent properties, oriented in revenue growth and asset betterment. Additionally, long term property acquisitions by TM will add long-lasting value to undeveloped projects contributing to the tourism industry with innovative new hotels.


Sales strategy & yield management97
Hotel asset development87
Operations management95

Our Services

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Hotel & Property management

All inclusive management solutions for hotels and villas. From sales to personnel, Tourism Mentor will meet the needs of the property owner and deliver the quantitive and qualitative results of a successful hotel business.

Marketing & Branding

Tourism Mentor designs brand identities that reflect the client's wishes. Defining a hotel's brand name is the halfway towards a successful marketing campaign, that aims to attract the maximum of direct and repeat clients.

Long term lease investments

Tourism Mentor acquires properties for a substantial time in order to develop them into successful hotel brands, that operate with continuing growth and the standards of the ideal hotel.


For property owners who are determined to reach to their maximum potential, Tourism Mentor provides personalized advisory services, with the goal to achieve overall success, in operation as well as client satisfaction.

Sales Strategy

With the leading experts in sales strategy and yield management, Tourism Mentor delivers steady revenue growth to hotels, with balanced third-party partnerships and maximum direct sales.

Tourism Real Estate

Tourism mentor delivers estate evaluation and mediation, along with a business plan and support for new investors in tourism. Partnering with specialists in various areas guarantees property options according to the client's profile and needs.